The Coexist bumper sticker is everywhere, and it's probably how you know about us. The Coexist Charity has worked for many years improving the lives of families and children in conflict zones around the world. Now, Coexist also improves livelihoods and social cohesion by working directly with farmers in those communities to source high quality organic products.

Building Coexist Communities

Through direct trade relationships, Coexist cuts out the middle-men and returns value back to the farmers. This financial incentive encourages cooperation across lines of conflict and increases social cohesion in our source communities.

Empowering Consumers

Coexist empowers consumers to make a real difference for people who have had their lives torn apart. When you buy Coexist products, you not only support livelihoods and economic independence for farmers, you help build a new generation free from prejudice, hate, and violence.

A Global Impact

Profits from the sale of Coexist Products go back to Coexist projects around the world, improving access to education for children in divided communities and creating stronger, more inclusive societies. Your purchase allows children to learn together, creating a new generation united with stronger bonds.

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