We can fit a world of good into one delicious bean. Organically grown, single-origin, Arabica coffee, and directly sourced from conflict zones around the world, Coexist coffee is the 2015 Chefs in America USA Taste Champion: the best tasting coffee in America.

Honoring Our Source

We grow our coffee in rich volcanic earth, surrounded by waterfalls and shaded by the forest canopy, to produce a distinctive flavor and character. All Coexist Coffee is organically grown, without pesticides, petrochemicals, or artificial fertilizers. Coexist Coffee strives to preserve the complex balance of the environment while uniting farmers and their families in new traditions of peace.

Building Community

Our direct trade scheme provides incentive for cooperation across tribal, religious, and cultural divides in communities that grow Coexist coffee. We partner directly with farmers, not middle-men, to ensure they receive the greatest benefit possible for their work. When you drink Coexist Coffee, you support cross-confict collaboration and help build understanding in communities of conflict.

A Global Impact

Every sip changes the world. Profits from the sale of Coexist Coffee are returned to Coexist projects to improve access to education for children in divided communities, creating stronger, more inclusive societies.

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